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Garage additions, or attached garages, started to become popular in the 1940's and 50's, as more and more home owners started to own cars, and needed the convenience of being able to not only shelter their vehicles, but also access their home more easily from the garage. 

A garage addition always adds tremendous value to a home, and aesthetically can be very visually attractive and make your home seem almost twice as big in many cases.  Our builders have experience with all types of garage additions, and our competitive prices make it easy to pull the trigger on getting your new garage project off the ground. Call today for a free quote!

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    Attached Garage Benefits

    ​The attached garage offers many beneficial features, here are a few:

    1. Clearly the biggest advantage of having an attached garage is it’s convenience. If you have a family with small children in times of cold or wet weather being able to come into your home straight to the garage is a big bonus. In the winter trying to carry in shopping on icy driveway‘s may also present a challenge so being able to carry groceries directly into the garage is not only safer but more convenient. One other big benefit in the winter is being able to warm up your car in the garage and not have to clear a lot of snow or ice off your vehicle. Though although many people have car warmers these days for those who don’t being able to warm the car in the garage first before leaving for work makes things easier.

    2. The second vantage to an attached garage is the appearance of a larger home and the look of a more continuous structure.

    3. Thirdly having direct access to your garage not only makes it easier to get in and out of your vehicle but also gives you quick access to much of your long-term or seasonal storage. If you have Christmas decorations or party supplies that you need easy access to not having to go outside makes them much more accessible.

    4. Another factor supporting an attached garage is that it often will provide lower construction costs if you already have pre-existing walls you plan to use. It might also be less expensive to heat or power if electricity and ventilation are already present and built in. Lastly, the attached garage may also be a benefit in that it could eventually be converted into a full living space so it proves more flexible long term so at times can prove to be more flexible long-term solution.

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