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Detached garages are also called stand alone garages, which is a garage structure that is separate from your main house on your property. Detached garages can be anything from a single car garage structure, to multi-car garage bays with additional space such as a loft or workshop included.  They can be built to match your existing house style, or designed in a complimentary style.  There are many various styles of detached garages, and we work with our customers closely to help them fulfill their goals for their detached garage based on their needs, timeline, budget and vision. 

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    Benefits of Building a Detached Garage

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    Detached garages can be really great for having a workshop in and by keeping your tools and workshop accessories in a separate structure you can keep any loud noises or hazardous materials separate from your main residential area. It can be out great space for allowing many types of activities and hobbies such as carpentry or mechanics because you have the ability to keep that space separate from your main home which significantly reduces noise and other things that come with these types of hobbies.

    Visually Pleasing

    Aesthetically speaking, a detached garage can also be a more visually pleasing option. for example if you have a small house putting on a large garage that is connected to your house can seem too big or overwhelming for your residential structure.

    For the most part we find that homeowners that choose to build a detached garage are looking for additional space , whether it’s for a home office , or loft that can be added as extra living space above the car parking area in the garage below.

    Creative Freedom

    Depending on the size of your lot and your property there can be many options on the sizing of your garage as well as the angle and position that you build it in. If you are building an attached garage, often there will be some amount of limitations on sizing, angle and space when working with an existing structure.

    So having the freedom to build and design your dream garage with a loft or added living space depending on your budget can be a wonderful expansion to your home and can often add a lot of value to your property.

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