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As one of the most popular options for garages, a two car garage has countless benefits.  Whether you want to have your 2 car garage built as a separate structure detached from your house, or create a 2 car garage addition to enlarge your living space, both options can be exciting and beneficial to your quality of life and property value. You can choose to add a loft above your garage, or extend the space within to include a workshop or home office. ‚Äč Our builders have extensive experience with building 2 car garages, and we can get you started with a great quote today. 

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    Standard 2 Car Garage 24x24 plans consist of:

    - 6" foundation slab

    - 2 rows of 1/2 in rebar around perimeter

    - 2x4 framing 16 inch on center

    - Vinyl siding and all trim wrapped

    - 5/12 engineered roof system

    - 5/8 osb sheathing roofing underlayment and screw down metal roofing.

    - Two 9x7 garage doors installed, option to add garage door opener

    - 1 entry door and 2 vinyl windows installed.

     - Frost wall can be added if necessary.

    Benefits of a Two Car Garage

    Whether or not you own two vehicles, chances are you could use the extra garage space.  Having the option to not only park your vehicles out of the snow, but using the extra space for a workshop, or storing bikes, strollers, kayaks, ski mobiles, etc, is great. You can even use the area for entertaining your kids and their friends with a ping-pong table or foosball table.   

    If you have a yard, most likely you have maintenance tools such as a lawn mower, gardening tools and such, which can also be stored in your spacious two car garage.  With a bigger footprint you can also add a second level, or loft with dormers.  This can then be used as a home office, work space, study, lounge area, playroom, music room, or if you add plumbing etc, you can use it as additional living space such as an in-law suite, or rental property. 

    Depending on your lot size, you can choose to either build the garage as a separate structure detached from your house, or you can add on to your home with an addition.  We have experience with both options, and can customize your plans to suit you and your family's needs and budget.  Most of our garages are built on a slab foundation, which greatly reduces the cost of a traditional foundation. 

    We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your garage project to life.  

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