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Most three car garages are built detached , that is as standalone structures. However we have a lot of experience building attached 3 car garages as well. We can work with you to design the best plan to suit your needs, as the options are quite endless!

A wide selection of plans can be made available with garage doors sizes styles and design options. The footprint of a three car garage is generally quite large and can accommodate very large vehicles and some are even big enough for boat storage. Some also choose the option of adding a rear garage door essentially creating a drive-through bay. On the front there are options to build three identical separate garage entry doors or two; one that is larger and one that is smaller. 

With a large three car garage adding a second level and building in an apartment or additional living space can give you exceptional value. As far as finishes go there are numerous types of exterior roofing and siding options that can further contribute to the wide variety of wonderful garage plans.

The types of roofs we most often do on three car garage is are hip roofs, gable, or gambrel. By adding dormers or windows off the second floor, the three-car garage can appear as it’s own house. For exterior options most often we do siding, however you can dress it up with brick or stone. Most often we recommend for homeowners to try and match their existing homes exterior finishes to create a seamless design. As your local garage builders, we will do our best to build the garage of your dreams.

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    3 Car Garage Benefits

    Did you know that most vehicles or actually only driven about 5% of the time? The rest of the time they are parked. So it would make sense to keep your vehicle stored safely in a garage.

    Investing in a three car garage is a wonderful and exciting process. Not only does it give you endless options for vehicle storage but also storage for outdoor equipment, gardening equipment, toys, accessories and bins of household items etc. Best of all you don't have to worry about not having space for that third car!

    Having the option to park your vehicles inside a garage can also give your house more curb appeal. Additionally having an attached 3 car garage can be a huge benefit to you when you need to carry a lot of items or groceries into your house and you want to avoid bad weather snow or rain.

    Our modern vehicles, cars, SUVs and pick up trucks may be built very well and able to last a long time, however when our cars are exposed for long periods of time to the elements it can start to take its toll. road salt is known to be bad for your vehicles and can cause rust. On the other hand when it is very hot in the summer your car can overheat and it takes time to cool down before entering. If your car has been parked in your garage then you eliminate that problem.

    If you are searching for "garage builders near me" for a great garage installation quote then give us a call. We are local to NH and work with customers all over the southern NH areas. Our pricing is competitive, and we work hard on each job to complete it within schedule and within budget.