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    List Of Garage Services

    • Garage Additions
    • Detached Garage
    • Garage with loft
    • Single Car Garages
    • 2 Car Garages
    • 3 Car Garages
    • Custom Garages
    • Garage Renovation
    • Garage with Workshop

    We pride ourselves on doing honest, solid work, and providing our customers with straightforward pricing and timelines for all projects. If you would like to inquire if we service your town, please call us at the number above, or fill out a contact form. We look forward to getting started on your garage project!

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    Got Questions About Your Garage Project?

    What are the benefits of having a garage?​

    What size garage do I need?

    How much insulation should I use?

    Do I need a frost wall?

    What kind of foundation does a garage need?​

    Call us today to get these and many more questions relating to your new garage project answered! 

    Garages Construction Services in Southern NH

    Our company is a full service, licensed home improvement contractor specializing in garage additions and detached garages from foundation, to framing, roofing, siding and more. Whether adding a garage on to your existing home, building a 3 car detached garage, or building a custom garage with a loft, you can count on us with affordable high quality craftsmanship. 

    Serving the state of New Hampshire for many years, our carpenters and builders have the experience to scope and complete your project to your specifications and within your budget and timeline.  We always offer free, no obligation, in-home estimates to all our customers. Give us a call today to get your garage project started, you will be one step closer to a finished job! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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    Pricing for Garages

    Adding a garage to your property is an exciting process! Here are some things to keep in mind when budgeting for your garage addition: 

    Drawings, Plans & Permiting, Site Prep work, Foundation work, Framing, Windows, Roofing, Doors, Plus adding Utilities, all these aspects are considered when pricing out your new garage project.

    Please contact us today to request your personalized estimate!

    Benefits of Having A Garage in New Hampshire

    ​Our vehicles are one of our most important necessities these days. Not only is it our main means of transportation day-to-day for many of us, but our cars can also be a status symbol. There are many advantages of having a car, and owning a car comes with responsibility of caring for it. It’s important to have a place to park your vehicle and being able to provide shelter will have them last a lot longer than not having covered area to park them in.

    Weather Protection

    Especially living in New Hampshire with the cold climate and often very warm temperatures in the summer having a garage is a huge benefit. One of the main weather issues we have here is a lot of snow and ice and keeping your car out of the snow as much as possible will extend its life. Extreme cold can also cause issues with the car engine being sluggish start. Having your car parked in a garage will protect it from extreme cold weather.

    Vehicle Protection

    Another possible issues in some neighborhoods is car vandalism. So if you were able to have your car parked away in your garage there is less chance of your vehicle getting scratched or vandalized, or worse yet, stolen, and less cost an additional repair and cleaning for you.

    Additional Storage

    Additional benefits of having a garage gives you added storage space as well as an area to keep yard tools, as well as work tools, bicycles, strollers, and other outdoor equipment such as canoes, and kids toys that would otherwise have to be in a small shed or stored outdoors.

    A garage can also provide the perfect storage space for ATVs, Ski Mobiles, motorcycles, and other toys that you might have. 

    Additional Living Space

    Many people also choose to build a loft on the second level of their garage which can be turned into a home office, a workshop or even additional living space such as an apartment or in-law suite. By having additional living space there are really endless possibilities for uses. It could also provide a perfect place for a peaceful or quiet area to do work, or it can be a wonderful alternative for your kids to play, hang out with their friends, practice music or even have a get together over the weekend. Your garage can be an extension of your home in many ways.

    Whether you are building an attached garage that connects directly to your main house, or you build a detached garage on your property, both styles have endless benefits for both your vehicles, belongings , and for your family.

    And we can’t forget that one of the biggest benefits to building a garage is the added value that it brings to your property. In some cases adding any kind of garage can add tremendous property value to your home. It's a win-win.

    Garage Builder Services NH

    Building or expanding a garage can significantly impact the resale value of your home, but it can affect the value you get from your home on a daily basis. New Hampshire winters are frigid, and the wide variety of weather can make leaving your car parked outside a severe inconvenience. So save time deicing your windshield in the morning, avoid scraping snow off your windows and maybe even add a little extra living space (or storage space) to your home with a new garage! ​

    Garage Addition Investment

    When it's time to invest in your home, there are a lot of home improvement options that aren’t worth the money you’re putting into your home.

    A garage, however, is a generally inexpensive home improvement that offers immediate value. A garage can provide shelter for multiple cars, recreational vehicles, waterspouts vehicles, storage for off-season items, hold your spare tools and even offer additional living space. A garage can do everything.

    The big question though is, what does a garage addition cost? Prices vary based on garage sizes of course, as well as choice of finishes, and whether or not you are adding a living space, and any utilities. But the basics with foundation, framing, roof, doors/windows and electric can be quite affordable with the right builder. Get a quote today for your detached or attached garage to get a better idea.

    Investing in a garage addition starts with finding the right contractor who can help you understand your home’s zoning and what rules the city has. Garage Builders of NH works with various cities to ensure that all permits and zoning requirements are met before any work starts. You don’t want to begin investing in a garage addition only to have the city shut you down.  Because a garage addition can be an expensive addition to your home, you want to be sure that your vision is possible.

    Garage Addition Contractor NH

    Of course there are various benefits to a garage addition, and we’re sure we don’t need to tell you that it means you can stop parking on the street! But, by having a space to park your vehicles, and store off-season tools or toys will also increase your curb appeal. If you’re using your driveway to park your jet-ski and leaving your car on the street, your neighbors might think that your home is the eyesore of the neighborhood. Eliminating some of the things that are constantly in front of your home will greatly improve the visual appeal of your home. 

    Other benefits include adding to your home’s value because you’re increasing the storage space of the home, and many buyers want houses that have garages. You could also increase the living space of your house by adding living quarters above the garage. 

    In addition to living spaces, and a place to park your vehicle, many people also utilize their garages for crafting or hobbyist spaces. You can finally have a place to pack up your tools or store your crafting materials while clearing up areas of the home too. ​

    Steps to Consider Before Starting the Garage Building Process

    Zoning laws are a deal breaker for many homeowners because they either can’t execute their vision easily or must go through a lengthy process to begin starting this new addition to the home. 

    First and foremost, begin researching the zoning laws that affect your city. Your house may have different zoning restrictions than your neighbors, so it’s important that you don’t take their word on what you can or cannot get away with when building a garage. New garage additions might need to sit on particular areas of the property or have restrictions on how near to the street they can exist.After you do your research on what zoning restrictions apply to your home, you should seriously evaluate your garage options. If your home already has a single car garage, it might be an easy week-long project to expand your garage to a 2 car garage. However, if you are looking to establish an entirely new structure, you have many more options available. 

    When it comes to the cost to build a garage and the time spent laying down the foundation and supporting structure of your new garage you might consider adding a living space on the second floor. Homeowners will often consider adding multiple entry points, additional restrooms, or built-in storage. After you’ve dreamt up all the possibilities of your new garage addition, and determined that it’s all possible within your zoning restrictions, you’ll need to nail down the particulars. Does bad weather plague your area? You might need to add in the expected expenses of weatherproofing or paving a region around your new garage to prevent seepage from melting snow or heavy rainfall.    Finally, are you looking for a garage addition or a garage renovation? A contractor for a garage addition can easily put together the team that you’ll need to run electricity, put up structural elements, install insulation and drywall as well as lay the foundation. But, garage contractors NH that take care of garage renovations can work more seamlessly with fewer people involved. ​


    The number of options available when you’re building a garage addition is nearly limitless. But, there are a few very popular options that are worth your time spent considering them. Unfortunately, garage additions are hardly a DIY project, and many things can go wrong in the process. To be safe, get a contractor that specializes in garage building and garage additions. They can go over the benefits and downfalls of each option that you’re interested in, but for now, you can explore them here!

    Any garage builder would encourage you to weigh your options carefully against how long you intend to live in your home. If you plan to move in the next five years or so you might want to wait and then see how the market does before you’re ready to sell. But, if you plan on staying in the home for more than a few years, then the cost to build a garage will be worth it. 

    Building a New Garage

    There are many benefits to building a new garage. But, you can choose between attached or detached structures, how many cars it will hold and how any number of design features. Choosing to build a new garage is the first big decision, then you can break it down into smaller options. 

    A contractor for garage additions can help you identify if any of these common options aren’t available to you, and why. When you’re ready to build a new garage, you might already have a plan in mind, but be sure to be open to new ideas because of how often city regulations or zoning restrictions lead people to change their initial plan on garage renovation. 


    Attached garages are everything you could ever hope for, and more. They are first and foremost attached to your home which means that the cold seasons of New Hampshire won’t ruin your morning until you’re getting out of the car later. You won’t have to step  outside of your home to get to your car which means avoiding rain, snow and all the things that could go wrong between your door and the driveway. 

    However, attaching a garage to your home may not be possible or reasonable given the layout of your home, and of course, zoning. Attached garages are also not preferred for those who might want to add on to their home later. If a garage addition is only the first on the long list of home improvements planned for the near future, you’ll want to explore a detached garage option. 

    To add a garage to a house, you will want to work with what you already have. For many people, this means using foundation already laid out, or using the end room in the floor plan as the connector to the garage. Ideally, you’ll use a laundry room, mud room, or kitchen as a connecting room to a garage renovation. 


    Most new garage additions stand apart from your home because of zoning restrictions and because it allows homeowners to have still some flexibility with what they plan to do with their home in the future. A detached garage also offers more privacy which is ideal if you’re planning on using the garage’s second floor as an additional living space. 

    Many new homeowners will employ a second floor in the new garage as additional living space. They may have the options afterward to rent out space, use it as an in-laws living quarters, or allow their grown children to use it whenever needed. 

    Expanding a 1-Car Garage into a 2 or 3 Car Garage

    Although single car garages were popular up until the 1980s, most homes built in the last twenty or thirty years have 2 or three-car garages. Expanding a garage is possible and reasonable. It would still add value to your home, but there are a few issues to concern yourself with first. 

    You’ll need to evaluate space before anything else to see if expanding your single car garage is a possibility. If you have the property to work with the expansion is as simple as adding doors and moving the exterior side wall outward. You will need a building permit, and these jobs are easiest when a contractor is coordinating the work. 


    Aside from the attached-detached, and how many cars you’ll need to fit in the garage, you’ll have a few other choices. Some homeowners take this opportunity to create more driveway and pour concrete that will help prevent potential water damage. 

    When it comes to design though you have some very important decisions to make, whether your garage is attached or detached, it should compliment your home. This means that you’ll need to either recreate the exterior look or provide an updated visual appeal that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Many people don’t have any problem matching stucco, but if your home has siding or is brick you may have a hard time getting the perfect match without also painting your home. 

    Besides exterior walls, you’ll need to make choices on roofing, door types as well as finish, and how many windows you’ll want for the structure. These decisions aren’t nearly as big as they may seem at first. If you’re having problems matching design or finding updated designs that would still compliment your home, you can always consult a contractor that specializes in garage door installation. 

    Adding Living Space Above Your Garage

    When you look at the logistics of building a garage, it’s clear that everything you need for additional living space is right there. Typically, a detached 2 car garage will typically measure 26x26 ft which is large enough for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and a kitchenette. Additional the OSB structural sheathing and insulation is required throughout most counties for any structure on the property, regardless of whether its a living space or not. 

    Because you’re already paying for foundation work, the raising of the structure, the OSB structural sheathing, insulation, running electricity out and putting up drywall, you might as well add a second floor with plumbing. Every garage needs electricity for at the very least lights, and if you’re paying to put in a new garage addition, an electric garage door opener couldn’t hurt. 

    A garage addition usually calls for lighting inside, lighting outside, three outlets and a garage door opener. Because you’re already running about 50 linear feet of conduit buried in a trench for a new subpanel, increasing the amperage of the breaker is usually not a problem. If you’re looking for ways to add living space above your garage, you can rest easy knowing that the process doesn’t call for much more work than what typically comes with building a garage addition.

    Hire a Local Trusted Garage Contractor in Manchester, New Hampshire

    When planning on putting in a garage addition you’re better off working with local contractors. This project is simply too big for many DIY enthusiasts, and it requires extensive knowledge of city permits and zoning. With Garage Builders of NH, you can ensure that the entire project goes through garage contractors. Our garage contractors can help you understand what options are available to you for expansion to an existing structure or building of an entirely new structure. 

    We can help you discuss what choices are available to you, what the process involves and how to plan for your garage addition. ​

    Locations We Service

    Our team for building garages primarily focuses on working with customers in Southern New Hampshire, Manchester, Salem, Derry, Concord, Londonderry, Nashua region, as well as the Seacoast, and parts on the North Shore of Mass. Please reach out to us if you are looking to have a new garage added to your property in any of these areas.